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A Turkish initiative to raise the awareness of local administrations

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Elected officials and territorial administrations are key actors in the transition towards new more sustainable life styles. It is the conviction of the very active Turkish foundation for reforestation, conservation of habitats and the fight against soils erosion (TEMA).

In Turkey, the richest country in biodiversity in the Mediterranean, climatic and environmental upheavals threaten the natural heritage. Like many other countries in the region, Turkey will have to make considerable efforts to safeguard its biodiversity. TEMA, through its initiative, tries to make up for the fact that the environmental issues are out of sync with work methods employed by local administrations.

Regular learning dynamics

The TEMA initiative began by targeting 3 municipalities. Since the launch of the project, TEMA has provided documentation on environmental issues on an annual basis. The foundation also conducts training where TEMA members present basic theories and principles in ecology.
The exchange with administrators is also at the heart of the initiative. After trainings, workshops are organized to discuss existing environmental problems as well as those that may be faced by local authorities.

Feedbacks on an annual basis

TEMA aims at “changing the ecological paradigm for a sustainable society”. Given the magnitude of the task, the Foundation intends to qualify employees within the targeted administrations so that they can carry out this change of paradigm. To date, TEMA has already trained 30 employees on “sustainable city” themes.
The TEMA initiative is perfected every year. The annual collection of feedback allows each time to evaluate the process and find ways to improve. With the goal of reaching 90 new public servants trained annually, TEMA’s initiative is well on its way to engaging local labor kingpins in the shift towards common sense.


Hayrettin Karaca


Nihat Gökyiğit






Adaptation and mitigation measures provide opportunities for local authorities to improve the well-being of their communities; in many industrialized countries, local authorities have already proactively engaged in activities to fight climate change. While these communities have incentives to invest in both types of measures, they tend to focus more on adaptation measures, as they more directly affect the well-being of their fellow citizens.

Examples of successful climate change adaptation actions include the protection of shorelines, projects to prevent erosion 34 35, pursue the MDGs through local soil and planting of trees in urban areas. Local impacts of adaptation activities include reducing vulnerability, reducing poverty, improving education and increasing economic productivity. Many adaptation measures, such as energy efficiency or better forest management practices have also collateral mitigation effects.
Source : UNCDF


Hakima El Haiti considered local and regional authorities to be at the heart of environmental problems and also solutions, given that 80% of GHG emissions originate from these geographical areas and are responsible for managing between 80 and 90 % of solid waste. Recalling the consecration by the Constitution of the Kingdom of the right to sustainable development, she said that her department had created the "Climate Change Competence Center" with 39 partners, in order to help local and regional authorities integrate climate in their policies and programs.

The President of the Association of Chairmen of the Regions of Morocco, Mohand Laenser, said that the Moroccan legislator gradually broadened the area of competence of local and regional authorities, in particular after the preparation of the organic Law n° 111-14 related to the regions, which provided for important competences for the regions in the field of environment and the fight against climate change.
Source :



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