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Casablanca: A wasteland in Sidi Moumen becomes a school garden

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It is a story of the transformation of a large piece of land in Casablanca. The area of 2500m² is located between the social centre Oum Keltoum and the cultural complex El Ghali of Sidi Moumen district. Put at the disposal of Orange Bleue association in 2014, the site was a real challenge.

Hassan Alafy, president of the association, and his team wanted to create a space for innovation and experimentation in the form of a garden of urban permaculture. The thought that initiated the project led to the creation of a development plan thanks to the work and collaboration of several members of the association. As the strategy was ready, they only had to launch it.

Cleaning and preparation

The site at its initial state needed cleaning. The second stage was the preparation of the ground by Hassan Asfaly and his team. Bulldozers and three trucks were used to carry out the mission. At the end of this delicate stage, the site was ready for its final transformation.

Plants and arms

In the old site, the residents of the district witnessed the gradual change as greenery spurted out. Fruit trees as well as varied aromatic plants found their place in the new garden. Developed according to methods inspired from the natural ecology, the site is open to the participation of young people from the district. The garden aspires to serve soon as a canteen for the neighboring social center.

Thanks to a collective and united work, the site became a beautiful garden named Ibn Al-Awam, in reference to the famous Andalusian horticulturist. From a wasteland, Orange Bleue created a school garden with pedagogical and social vocation valorizing techniques of urban permacutlure. A must-see!


Hassan Aslafy


Simo Senhaji


Ahmed Loudiyi



Siège administratif 392 Bd Mohamed V




Permaculture is a global societal and ecologic approach that offers a complete vision of tools and means of concrete and practical change to engage individually or collectively in a perspective of transition. Its biggest contribution is to allow the creation of perennial and sustainable ecosystems. It brings an optimized knowledge of interactions and synergies of life that allow the creation of an environment that is exceptionally productive with a reduced economic and ecological cost. It is an open, diverse, multiple and expanding approach that always contributes in building and enriching its contents, tools and methods.


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The strategy (Moroccan strategy of agriculture) is revolved around a global approach covering all of the actors depending on their objectives. It rests on two major pillars: modern and supportive agriculture. Concerning modern agriculture, the objective is to develop a performing agriculture, adapted to the market’s norms, through a new wave of private investments, organized around new equitable aggregation models. As for supportive agriculture, the objective is to develop an approach oriented towards the fight against poverty, by significantly increasing the agricultural revenue of the most fragile operators, including in the peripheral areas.


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