Sidi ifni - Morocco

Dar Si Hmad collects fog water

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In the semi arid area of Anti-Atlas, water is a rare and precious resource. Women and girls of the region had to walk for hours every day to reach the nearest water source. However, the region is often visited by fog, as a result of clouds meeting neighboring mountains. Aissa Derhem, president of Dar Si Hmad, had the idea of collecting water from that fog. With the support of a German water expert foundation, Wasserstiftung, the local association undertook several conclusive trials. Since then, some funny nets are seen towering over the rural commune of Tnine Amellou.

Water pumped from the sky

The devices created by Dar Si Hmad association trap fog water then reproduce the collected water. The water is collected in gutters then stored in cisterns. “It is a very old technique that has proved its efficiency in Latin America and particularly in Chile and which we tried to reproduce in the region of Sidi Ifni known for its semi-arid climate exacerbated by meager rainfall. It is ecological and it helps preserving the groundwater of the region, which is getting empty, “says Aissa Derhem.

Improving everyday life

Launched on March 21st, 2015, the initiative is of benefit to 92 households which represent 400 people. During its first experimental year, the first faucets were introduced in beneficiaries’ houses. Every house contributes with a small monthly amount for the project. According to the Dar Si Hmad association, “Fog water” costs three times cheaper. The other advantage is that it takes less time and effort. Since the launch of this project, Women and girls have more time for other activities.

A concept in constant improvement

Strong with its experience, Dar Si Hmad association strives after equipping a maximum of neighboring villages. “Nets are now exportable to other cities in Morocco, in all the mountainous regions and seafronts,” said Aissa Derhem. In addition, improving the device will still be carried on. To resist the sometimes too strong winds, Dar Si Hmad intends to replace the current nets with new and solid models.


Derhem Aissa


Jamila Bargach


Mounir Abbar

Technical management officer


Local Centre Culturel Si Hmad Derhem Avenue Hassan 1er

Sidi ifni,


Phone : 212-528-843065


On average, women and girls in developing countries walk six kilometers every day to get 20 liters of water. This limits the time they have for other productive tasks or attending school.

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In Morocco, the program of drinking water supply for rural populations (PAGER) has led to an increase in the rate of access to water in rural areas from 14% in 1995 to 60% in 2004 and 90% in 2007. PAGER also made it possible to free women and children from the chore of transporting water.

Source : Programme d’approvisionnement groupé en eau potable des populations rurales (PAGER)


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