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India: plants to purify indoor air

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In India, air pollution reached very alarming levels. Even indoor air in buildings is often laden with polluting particles. Without filtering solutions, dwellers’ health is seriously endangered. Kamal Meattle, environmental activist and founder of an Indian enterprise, is one of those suffering from this phenomenon. To decrease air pollution he inhales at work, he had the idea to introduce some plants in his work space. Since then, he got inspired from NASA works to develop a “green” device that works and attracts interest.

An ingenious and simple system

To reach convincing results, indoor air goes at first through a purifier installed on the building’s roof. After a first filtration, air is then sent inside a glasshouse hosting about 400 plants with purifying properties. Finally, the purified air is then directed towards the indoor spaces of the building. Besides this system, 800 other plants were placed everywhere in the building.

An initiative certified by the Green Building Council

Kamal Meattle, who studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, did not hesitate to invest in the remodeling of his enterprise’s building in order to maximize the efficiency of his system. It is now a model building and the first building in the country to receive the Platinium certification from the North American Green Building Council.

An energy efficient device

This system has the advantage of being much more energy efficient compared to other existing purifying solutions. After having remodeled his building, Kamal Meattle found out that it uses five times less energy per square meter than an average building. Thanks to the plants, it saves 10% of energy and reduces its impact on environment by reducing its carbon footprint.

A replicable idea

Three years ago, Kamal Meattle created air filtration systems based on plants for more than 700 houses in New Delhi. Offices, hospitals, schools and even individuals have benefited from this new solution that is getting more and more successful. This has the effect of a real breath of fresh air!



Kamal Meattle, Paharpur Business Centre 21, Nehru Place Greens

New Delhi,



In 2014, a study undertaken by the World Health Organization (WHO) on air quality has shown that New Delhi as the most polluted city in the world and quantified the poisoning extent. The annual average of fine particles of 2.5 micrometers (µm), the finer and most dangerous for the organism, amounted to 153 µg / m3, that is to say three times more than in Beijing, where the smog was already infamous. The annual level recommended by the WHO is 10 µg / m3.



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In Morocco, the law n° 13-03 related to the fight against air pollution is applied upon any natural or legal person subject to public or private law, possessing, owning, using or exploiting buildings, facilities, vehicles, machines, devices, except for facilities that are managed by military authorities as well as those submitted to the law n°005-71 related to the protection from ionizing radiation.



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