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Morocco has a tribe of ecologists for a citizen contribution to the reforestation of forests

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It was not called “Tribe of ecologists” for nothing. Axed around environmental issues especially those related to the kingdom’s natural heritages, this community was launched on Facebook in June 2011. The group gathered ten profiles who were interested in the topic. After having organized many events of cleaning natural sites and discovering natural ecosystems, the tribe launched its initiative of citizen contribution to the cedar reforestation program in 2012.

A participative community

The tribe of ecologists is not an association. It is a platform where everyone brings its contribution in a participative and united manner. During each event, the participants will stand on their own feet. “The idea is to act, without waiting for a structure, sponsors or funding. Every time, the tribe prepares the framework and the activities but the participants remain free and autonomous during our activities,” explains Fatima Zahra Lemtiri, founder member of the tribe. The citizen contribution days of the national cedar reforestation program organized by the tribe witness every time the participation of several tens of participants. Coming from several cities, ecologists from different sensitivities meet at the National Park of Ifrane to plant twice a year cedars of the Atlas. “Plant a promise of life that will make you survive for several hundred years! It’s our rallying call,” said Fatima-Ezzahra.

Involve the citizen in the reforestation action

The event that took place in partnership with the regional directorate of water and forestry is an opportunity to visit the eco-museum of Azrou or the cedar nursery. “To raise the awareness of our participants and turn them into real ambassadors of the cause, we inform them about Morocco’s biodiversity and also the constraints and threats that subject this heritage,” added Fatima Ezzahra. After the educational tours, the participants get to move into action: reforestation. Each time, the tribe plants an average of a hundred cedars.

“Since the tribe’s members contribute to planting the cedar grove, the participants’ interest and enthusiasm increase every time. We no longer look at the cedar grove in the same way when we have planted a cedar tree,” explained Fatima Ezzahra. “This year, we have seen our dream come true. We have at last witnessed the organization on the national scale of the national day for citizen reforestation! We hope that this initiative will be reiterated. Why not every year, at every launch of the national reforestation campaign,” she concluded.


Fatima Ezzahra Lemtiri


Saad Laroui


Oussama Abaouss




The Department of Water and Forestry has undertaken the generalization of reforestation throughout the territory and has therefore engaged in a reforestation policy for more than half a century, which has gone through several stages in order to ensure the protection, Conservation and development of forests. During these stages, the National Reforestation Plan (NRP), adopted in 1970, made it possible to achieve reforestation objectives considered modest and revised upwards in the framework of the Reforestation Management Plan (PDR) launched in 1994. The new managerial approach adopted by the High Commissioner for Water and Forests and the fight against desertification aims to rationalize the means and the efficiency of actions.





(Saturday 12 November) Morocco planted 1 million trees in one day. The national initiative "Planting more than one million trees in a single day", organized under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, was launched by Abdelâdim Lhafi, Commissioner of COP22. The area to be planted is about 3 000 ha. Among the plants planned for this operation, 310,000 plants of indigenous species adapted to climate change and which concern the different natural forest ecosystems of the kingdom. All the regional and provincial structures of the Office of the High Commissioner for Water and Forests and the fight against desertification have been mobilized to support and supervise the 36 752 volunteering citizens in the 210 perimeters intended for planting. The operation has achieved its objective. At 3 pm the mark of the planted million trees was exceeded!



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