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« One piece of rubbish a day » : Marseille’s initiative for a cleaner city

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Get down, pick one piece of rubbish at least, and throw in the right trash can, take a picture and share the experience! Do the same thing every day! These are the instructions to participate in the project “One piece of rubbish a day”. This initiative aims at raising the awareness of citizens on the importance of having a clean city and making them participants in this ambition. The project was launched in Marseille in September 2015. The idea is to encourage the citizens to keep their city clean and, while under way, establish the act of collecting one piece of rubbish as a “normal” citizen ecogesture”.

From Leeds to Marseille

“I got this idea in Leeds in England while I was picking up garbage and putting it in trash cans. I immediately thought that the initiative should be applied in Marseille, “said Edmund Platt, founder of the project. Indeed, back in Marseille, this British shared the concept with two friends and “co-workers”, Romain Jouannaud, graphic designer, and Georges-Edouard Legré, community manager. Convinced, they decided to follow Eddie in the implementation of this initiative.

Challenge launched on social networks

The three friends decided de launch the challenge on social networks with the concept of “One piece of rubbish a day”. To participate, one needs to act on three stages. The participants are invited to collect one piece of rubbish from the ground, take a selfie and share it on social networks using the hashtag #1pieceofrubbish and #1dechetparjour. Finally, the participants must tag friends to invite them to take part in the challenge. With this rhythm, the snowball effect is soon achieved!

From Marseille to the rest of the world

The initiative gets popular. Many people took part in the game. As the action turned successful, the trio wants to spread it around the world. The buzz around this project has already turned fruitful: contacts were made with representatives of different cities in France who expressed their willingness to develop the concept in their respective cities (Rennes, Lyon, Grenoble). On the international scale, the organizers announced that Leeds (England), just like Malta have already adopted the concept.
We can easily understand the trio’s ambition: if this ecogesture is spread around the world and becomes everybody’s natural habit, its positive effect will be noticed as soon. What are you waiting for?


Edmund PLATT


Georges-Edouard LEGRÉ








"Stories from our 20 reference cities show that progress can be made in the fight against solid waste management despite legitimate constraints. To this end, cities have a wide variety of ideas to overcome obstacles, some are very innovative, others are traditional; Some are firmly immersed in local culture and habits, some aim at changing habits and attitudes. There is no "ready solution". Any successful approach must address the three components of the physical system and the three characteristics of good governance ".
Source: Comparing Solid Waste Management in the World’s Cities”


Morocco has undertaken a series of strategic actions to reform the waste management sector, such as: strengthening the legal framework, implementing solid waste management programs, supporting the national solid household waste program, developing a master program for the management of hazardous wastes, and reforming local taxation system.


Source: Rapport sur la gestion des déchets solides au MAROC

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