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Tajikistan: ‘Small earth’ endeavours in favour of Green Energy

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They are not numerous but they know how to identify problems and put forward pertinent solutions. At “Small earth”, there is an advice for each theme relating to the environment. With its vision of the challenges that it daily addresses, the association has an expertise dating back to its creation in 1997.
In 2016, the NGO launched its “Clean Energy in Bartang” initiative. The principle consists in raising the awareness of the population on the need to protect natural resources and to equip them with clean energy production tools.

The targeted beneficiaries of the “Clean Energy in Bartang” initiative are located in 5 villages. They are about 300 people living in precarious conditions. Small earth prepared an awareness-raising programme targeting families with the aim to help them understand how to improve their living conditions.

Opting for clean energy
Consume only what you need and do not waste a crumb in the process. This is the goal that the association wants to teach. If awareness-raising is useful, it is because it enables addressing people’s issues and concerns.
Every time the members of the association showcase and explain how we can “enjoy life by consuming less.” The idea is not to be deprived but rather to improve daily lives through clean and efficient energy that enables curbing the use of natural resources.

Involving the Population in a Participatory Approach

Another string to Small earth’s bow is the participatory approach. In order to find adequate solutions to different issues, the association chose to involve participants in the implementation and follow-up of these solutions.
Being able to put forward solutions and implementing them with the participation of all, enables the population to better share the concerns of Small Earth. At the end, the beneficiaries become ambassadors of clean energy that they have tested in their daily lives. They come to understand environmental challenges and engage in addressing them.
Thanks to this initiative, Small Earth became a part of those who are offering the world efficient and replicable projects.


Timur Idrisov

Chief Adviser

Musavvara Shukurova

Executive Director


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