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The seeds library: a community library for endangered seeds

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It all started thanks to the willingness of Daniel Oulai, the founder of the project, who committed to the development of a useful solution that fills a real need. In this regard, he thought about a low frequented library by the locals of the rural commune of Sangouiné. He came up with the brilliant idea of adding common good services to the library. In addition to books, the library will also house a seed library dedicated to natural and reproducible seeds.

Protecting biodiversity

The seeds library is a practical solution in favour of the preservation of biodiversity of farmers amid the rising phenomenon of climate change. This solution offers uses traditional seeds that are transmitted from generation to generation in order to reduce the use of GMO in agriculture. The variety of seeds in the library are natural, local and better adapted to fare with climate change. Storing these seeds and sharing them is also a way to protect biodiversity.

Community Development

The seeds library is also an initiative in support of family farming. It enables women and men farmers to boost production and improve storage and sharing without suffering from climate stress. The library enables a sustainable optimisation of animal and crop production by offering training on agricultural and ecological techniques. Since its creation, this initiative provided support to 20 organisations of women and young farmers.

Collective and adapted solutions

The seeds library facilitatescrop storage. It also contributes to the sale of agricultural products at a good price by connecting farmers to national and international markets. The library also contributes to countering climate impact by informing users on regional and local weather.
From an idea to revitalise a forgotten library to the creation of a sustainable seeds library benefiting all, the initiative has become an example of success.
“The dove does not prepare the nest of the hawk,” this adage that is rooted in African wisdom shows that development does not come from the outside but rather from within as it is founded on local cultural values and competences, Daniel Oualai highlighted. This quickly explains the reasons behind the success of Sangouiné seeds library!


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Côte d’Ivoire


For a century, mass agricultural production is overshadowing small farming. Because of the quest for production, efficiency, competitiveness and largescale distribution at a low price, fruits and vegetables became normalised and the farming varieties are becoming rare giving way to more homogenous products. The result is that 75% of plant varieties disappeared over the last century.



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There are ancient species of primitive races (65%) which developed throughout thousands of years robust genes representing a precious source for improving the climate resilience of crops. Due to the war, the global seed bank in Aleppo, Syria, which is a vault where various of seeds are stored was transferred to Morocco and Lebanon in order to ensure the survival of several endangered species.


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