Rabat: First edition of the regional fair of local produce

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The first edition of the regional fair of local produce will take place on December 14-18th in Rabat. The event strives to contribute in the promotion of local produce at the level of Rabat-Sale6Kenitra region.

The regional office of agriculture organizes in collaboration with the region’s agriculture chamber the first edition of the regional fair of local produce. From Wednesday 14th to Saturday 18th December, a great number of exhibitors are expected to participate in this event.
About 60 groupings of local produce, including 42 groupings from the region of Rabat-Sale6kenitra and 18 groupings from other regions in Morocco will be present.
The event will include a scientific day, Thursday 15th of December, organized at the headquarters of the regional chamber of agriculture of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra. Participants and experts with different profiles (INRA, ADA, ONSSA, DDFP, DRA, food processing field) will moderate the event. Every one of them will tackle a subject specific to the sector of local produce.

During this first edition, products from the region of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra will be presented, including honey, different types of couscous, aromatic and medicinal plants, essential oils and other local produce. There will also be exhibitions of products from other regions in Morocco, like products made of Argan, derivatives of cactus, Saffron, products from rose, dates, olives, olive oils, apple vinegar, aromatic and medicinal plants, cumin, capers, figs and cheese.
The visit of stands by the official delegation will take place on the inauguration day and the official opening of the fair, Wednesday, December 14th, 2016. The public can visit the stands starting from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th of December.